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Hey!! I'm Earl, and I'm here to share the music that comes from my heart with you. I am a singer/keyboardist/songwriter/producer hailing from the birthplace of the Jackson family dynasty- GARY,IN. Did I mention that I'm also a vocal coach? After years spent focusing on developing other people's talents, I am getting back to my own music. Through this subscription option, I hope to get to build a deep connection with my fans and allow you to get some special treats for your wonderful support. Those who sign up will get access to exclusive content , such as demos, outtakes, and behind the scenes videos. I may even drop in some vocal tutorials!! Just for becoming a part of this service, followers will get my unplugged EP "Peace" for free!!

Thank you for showing love by supporting my craft. It means more than I can say.

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Earl Harville
Gary, Indiana
Gary, IN-bred Singer/songwriter/keyboardist/vocal coach Earl Harville combines R&B, gospel, pop, and classical influences into his own unique soulful sound that stays true to his roots. A hopeless romantic, this openly gay artist explores the ups and downs of love in his songs but also writes music to uplift. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago .

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